My happy places are in the kitchen and in the studio.  I love for both art and cooking started in high school. I was a rather picky eater with a sensitive stomach, so I experimented with food like a scientist in the lab.  I love color, bold flavor and throwing ingredients in a bowl typically omitting measuring cups at all cost.  Following many food blogs and Instagram accounts I am inspired by others and try to put my own twist on simple recipes.

My closet is filled with 11 sketch books, wood boards, ceramic bowls and half painted canvases.  I started Augustana University with the intent of majoring in Art Education.  Throughout my college career and many studio art classes, my interests changed and creating art became more of a hobby rather than job oriented.  My favorite medium to work with is clay followed by ink sketches as a close second.  I am drawn to nature oriented objects, food inspiration and geometric designs.  Although I switched my major away from art, I hope to land a job that allows me to integrate my creativity and artistic abilities.

All in all I have many recipes and art to share and love feedback and ideas for future projects!